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While some of the courses were being moved into the next financial year, police staff, who feel they're already "under the pump", are concerned about the cutbacks. The Herald on Sunday understands the cancelled or deferred training includes Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) induction courses, child protection courses, specialist interviewing techniques, and crime scene photography. The Herald on Sunday also understands an email was sent by the Royal New Zealand Police College to staff members this week advising them of the changes. Superintendent Scott Fraser, the general manager of training, confirmed the cancellations. But a CIB source said there were "a lot of worried people out there". "Everyone knows about courses being cancelled, emails [are] flying around everywhere," the source said. "Cancelling courses because there's no money ... it's putting pressure on units like the CIB who are carrying lots of vacancies and now can't fill the gaps." Continued below. Police 'must keep going' after overhaul following Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct The source questioned if there would be enough specialised staff to fill the gaps. "Who's picking up the slack when we don't have enough trained staff? Everyone is under the pump, staff are run off their feet, stressed, and morale is at rock bottom.

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